BARRACK ROOM BALLADS auditions happening throughout the country

Ymt:UK are currently travelling around the country auditioning young people for their national 2018 company. I'll be writing a new commission - an installation in the National Army Museum. The YMT young people (who are world class) will perform with the BELFAST ENSEMBLE for 2 evenings in this newly refurbished building in the heart of London's, Chelsea. I'll be composing and directing the work - a contemporary setting of Kipling's long overlooked - and misunderstood - 'Barrack room Ballads' to mark the end of the first world war - 100 years this year. 

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More details to follow soon - or visit the ymt site at -


Ten Plagues makes Cardiff debut

The award winning polemical song-cycle makes its way to Cardiff's Sherman Theatre for one night only on March 13th. The BELFAST ENSEMBLE are reprising their production from the 2017 Outburst festival in Belfast. Matthew Cavan will perform with the composer on the stage. 

Full details can be found on the theatre's website

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'Mark Ravenhill and Conor Mitchell's award-winning AIDS polemic comes to Sherman Theatre, performed by Conor Mitchell and Matthew Cavan. Tracing one man's journey through a city in crisis, Ten Plagues charts the great plague of 1665. Part torch song, part Schubert, this is a ground-breaking piece of music-theatre.

Drawing its title from the biblical plagues and set in 1665 when the Black Death devastated London, this piece draws parallels with the 20th century emergence of AIDS - The Gay “Plague” as it was homophobically labelled in sections of the media - and the impact of living through the onslaught of that modern disease.'


me talking about the major individual arts award in 2016

Internationally acclaimed composer Conor Mitchell received a Major Individual Artists Award from the Arts Council in January 2016 for his contribution to the cultural and artistic life of Northern Ireland. In this interview Conor talks about the awards, what it means to him and gives us an inside view on his latest work with the Ulster Orchestra.